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Letter to the Editor: Seething abuse

Tulsa, Okla.


There is a drug and alcohol abuse problem seething through this country. Victim by victim, family after family, it is tearing our civilization to shreds.

Who hasn't heard the talk of friends and families tragic and often losing battles with substance abuse, for themselves, their children or their children's children?

What is sadder, more horrific to consider is that there seems to be no cure. No way out for afflicted millions, except prisons and death.

When my mother called me to tell me that one of my relatives, who had two beautiful daughters, had been arrested with a large amount of methamphetamine, I was terrified for my family. But what could I do? What could anyone do?

We raised money for bail. We hired an attorney. We searched the internet, the phone book, and we asked friends for help in finding a treatment program. To our surprise most programs were enormously expensive and very short term.

Then we heard of a program with an over 70 percent success rate. We were skeptics of this after what we had seen, but we called anyway.

They told me that the program did not have any set time but that they would help my relative in treatment to lead a more productive life without drugs. They told me their legal liaison would work with the courts and the attorney. They told us they could give my relative her life back, and then just as they promised, they did.

The organization of angels in disguise is Narconon Arrowhead. They give help where it is needed.

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