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Letter to the Editor: Take the opportunity to vote


I would like to remind you of some of the freedoms we have in our United States of America. One of the most important to me is the privilege to vote for the people who will represent us to run our country for the next two or four years.

I think everyone should take advantage of this opportunity to express themselves by going to the voting poles on June 25, and casting their vote. I am not telling you who to vote for, just reminding you to use this opportunity to cast your vote for the person you thing will do the best job.

Since that fateful day on Sept. 11, 2001, I have been very proud of the way our citizens have shown their patriotism. I have been especially proud of our children in the schools. I get chills and tears to my eyes when I see how tall they stand while pledging allegiance to our flag, when they sing patriotic songs, especially God Bless America. They sing with their hearts and souls.

Everyone needs to show his or her patriotism from age 18 and up by going to the poles and casting a vote for the person of his of her choice.

If you have not registered in your precinct you must do so by today, June 4. If you need a ride to register or to vote please call me at 435-637-0129. I will be more than happy to take you to your precinct.

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