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Letter to the Editor: Public land trench warfare

Salt Lake City


Heidi Macintosh of SUWA warns Utahns to prepare for "trench warfare" if they wish to maintain access to rural and back country roads. This unusually frank admission from an organization that in recent times has tried to stress its kinder and gentler side should be an eye opener for country and state officials who think accommodation and compromise is possible with these champions of the King's Forest.

Her statement in the Aug. 17 Salt Lake Tribune story describing the demise of litigation that sought to undermine RS2477 travel rights leave no doubt that SUWA is bent on wiping out access to our public lands. Lavishly funded by liberal European interests, they will not rest until 10 million acres of our precious BLM land is shut off form the people of Utah.

I'm curious why so few people seem to be alarmed by this threat? Are the stunning public lands that make our state special of such little value that now one cares to fight for them?

One thing is certain; when they are forever lost, there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but of course then it will be too late.

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