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Cache County Passenger Dies After Multi-vehicle Incident on U.S. Highway 6 in Price

Emergency responders assess the injuries of the parties involved in a collision on U.S. Highway 6 last Friday afternoon.

Slightly before 3 p.m. on Aug. 18, the 18-year-old driver of a red Ford Explorer reportedly attempted to make a lane change to exit the highway at the west Price exit near Castleview Hospital. Utah Highway Patrol reported that the driver lost control of the vehicle, rolling it across the highway and coming to a stop near the highway exit ramp.

UHP officials said the driver was the only occupant of the SUV wearing a seatbelt and the three other occupants of the vehicle were ejected from the vehicle. The driver's mother sustained the most serious injuries. She was taken to Castleview Hospital and reportedly died approximately 24 hours later as a result of injuries sustained in the incident. The driver's brother was also reportedly injured along with the mother's boyfriend.

The occupants of the SUV, all from Cache County, were on their way to Texas, said law enforcement personnel.

Triggered by the rolling SUV, law enforcement said the driver of a gray minivan stopped suddenly, and was reportedly rear-ended by a black mid-sized sedan. Minor injuries were reported in the secondary traffic accident.

The incident backed up traffic on the highway for approximately three miles. Some drivers were stuck in traffic for more than 30 minutes. All traffic was diverted to the 100 North offramp while crews cleared the scene.

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