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North Springs gun range construction moving along

Craftsmen are working at the pistol and law enforcement range, where a covered shooting areas will be located.

Construction on the new county public gun range is progressing nicely.

Crews are still working on all the venues. Last week roofing was being put on the clubhouse where events will take place and the caretaker will reside.

In addtion, cowboy town, located in a hard to get to wash north of the pistol range is taking shape with painting of the buildings now taking place. It is hard to miss the bright red livery stable at the town and soon the other buildings will don their colors too.

Equipment also has been working on the rifle range and constuction on the pistol and law enforcement venue continues too.

The range is being built with grant funds and funds from the Carbon County Recreation and Transportation Special Service District.

The range is expected to open sometime later this year.

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