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Forest service continues prescribed burn activities in area near Ferron Canyon

The U.S. Forest Service announced last weekend that it had again started prescribed burns last Thursday in the Ferron Creek drainage area located near Ferron Canyon Road between Willow Lake and Ferron Reservoir.

On Thursday, the initial burn activity took place. As of Saturday, there was still active fire in the area. Fire crews are monitoring the burn and continue to remove hazard trees.

The area has been opened back up to the public but may be subject to closure. Visitors are asked to use caution due to tree and smoke hazard.

Please follow the directions of the firefighters. Please be aware that travel in this area is at your own risk and you may be asked to leave at any time.

There may be delays or temporary closures on Ferron Canyon Road, Forest Development Road (FDR) 022. Vehicles with high clearance may be routed around to the South Side Road, FDR 043.

Roads and trails affected by fire closure include:

•Ferron Canyon Road (Forest Service Road (FSR) No. 022) Dairy Point to Ferron Reservoir

•Duck Fork Road (FSR No. 049)

•Singleton Flat Road (FSR No. 109)

•Hunters Highway (FSR No. 314)

•Singleton Flat Trail (Forest Service Trail (FST) No. 71

•Cove Lake Trail (Forest Service Trail No. 73)

•Willow Bunch Trail (Forest Service Trail No. 74)

•Dairy Trail (Forest Service Trail No. 117)

Prescribed burns are used for a variety of resource benefits including improved wildlife habitat, reduced fuel buildup from insect killed trees, and to support ecosystem diversity.

Aspen stands provide critical habitat for many wildlife species, forage for livestock and wildlife, and to protect stream flows in critical watershed.

Aspen is being lost by encroachment of conifers. Aspen regenerates by sprouting following a controlled burn or other disturbance.

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