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Best ball tournament winners posted

The Tram Electric Two Women Best Ball was held on August 9 with 116 ladies teeing off in the morning. The weather was great for the entire round of the tournament.

The course was in great shape as crews mowed the rough in some areas that morning and nothing but great comments could be heard from the ladies later that day. The only thing that was difficult was the grass was long in some areas.

1st Flight Net

1st Joni Sessions-Claudia Moynier (58)

2nd Aleen Smith-Nell Allred (60)

3rd Jackie Brophy-Sherrie Bearden (61)

4th Mary Ann Murray-Helen Kimber (62)

2nd Flight Net

1st Karin Gardiner-Mary Amiden (57)

2nd Kathy Riggs-Kathy Midenberger (60)

3rd Connie Norton-Bo Dmitrich (61)

Tie 4th Amy Mayberry-Mary Mayberry (62) Sally Millbank-Carol Harrington

3rd Flight Net

1st Pam Moon-Marilyn Zeller (53)

2nd Linda Pearson-Jacquie Wood (59)

Tie 3-4 Colleen Kunz-Carol Warren (61) Teri Larsen-Sue Richman (61) Joy Olson-Patsy Jensen (61)

4th Flight Net

1st Paula Wilcox-Donna Schwartz (52)

2nd Missy Huber-Lisa Migliori (55)

3rd Linnette Rollins-Shauna Dotter (56)

4th Maureen Johnson - Marilyn Dart (57)

1st Flight Gross

Tie 1st 2nd Terry Hansen-Mary Norman (72) Sandy Bederidge-Jane Hughes (72)

3rd Sue Edwards-Keri Mills (77)

4th Jan Jackson-Debbie Gordon (78)

2nd Flight Gross

1st Colleen Beever-Pat Richeson (76)

2nd Pam Erickson-Carol Martin (80)

3rd Cindy Childs-Diana Nicol (81) Tie

4th Jan Perkins-Dara Roberts (83) Elma Neiley-Jeanne Stanford (83)

3rd Flight Gross

1st Barbara Migliaccio-Darlene Kartchner (84)

2nd Barb Thorne-Joanne Cowan (85)

3rd Joyce Eldridge-Debbie Alien (86)

4th Earlene Jenkins-MaryLou Steele (87)

4th Flight Gross

1st Jayceen Walker-Rose Craven (85)

2nd LeAnn Stoddard-Leann Lundell (87)

3rd Pam Liggett-Jane O'Hanen (90)

4th Chris Woodard-Terri Bonser (91)

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