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Letter to the Editor: Time, indeed, marches on



By a mere coincidence, two landmarks on the Helper scene disappeared in the last week or so when the stone mason houses of the Limone and Bruno families in North Helper were gone.

A brush fire that swept through the area consumed the Limone house on Fourth North Street. The beginning of construction for the Helper interchange on U.S. Highway 6 brought about the demolition of the Bruno house on North Main Street.

The houses were probably the oldest still existing in Helper and were the work of Italian stone masons prior to World War 1, circa 1912-13.The Limone house was presently owned by Steven Montoya who had hopes of placing it on the historic register. The owner ship of the Bruno house was still in the Bruno estate until the state highway department purchased it recently.

The Limone and Bruno families were immigrants from Northern Italy, each had a small farm in the area to supplement work in the coal mines and other endeavors. My own grandfather, on my father's side of the family, aided in shaping some of the stones going into the Bruno structure. Time, indeed, marches on.

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