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Sheriff's office intends to continue searching for missing youngster

Sun Advocate publisher

Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova coordinates the search and rescue operations near the golf course during the first hours of the tragedy that befell the Seal family during a flash flood on July 30.

The Carbon County Sheriff's Office intends to continue the search for a 1-year-old boy who was lost when a vehicle was overwhelmed by flood waters in Garley Wash two weeks ago.

"We realize how important it is for the family to have some idea of what happened so we will continue to search," pointed out Sheriff James Cordova last Thursday.

The search for the boy included almost 100 professionals during the first week after the tragedy. But on Aug. 7, the command post at the old Pinnacle Canyon School was closed and the search teams from outside the area left the county.

"I would like to know what happened to my baby," said Jayden Seal's mother, Courtney, during a telephone interview Thursday. "I need to know."

Cordova indicated that the river and other areas are still being watched by officials. In addition, dog teams will return to Carbon County in the next week or so to search the Garley Canyon area again.

During the initial emergency effort, as many as 10 canine teams from Rocky Mountain Dogs, American Search Dogs and the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office were in the area searching for the missing youngster.

During the search of Garley Canyon, dog teams found a diaper the child may have been wearing, but discovered no signs of the little boy.

The next day, recovery teams began digging through the silt piled up behind a culvert cossing under Rim Rock Drive to look for remains because a number of the dogs got "hits" in the area.

All that was found after a couple of days of digging were some pieces of the vehicle that had been washed down during the deluge and a case of compact discs.

When the Bronco was hit by a wall of water just south of the Wildcat Loadout on Trestle Road it dragged the SUV down the wash almost a mile. Both parents survived, as well as Brooklyn, their little daughter. The next day 5-year-old Levi Seal died at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake from injuries he received in the accident.

Courtney said that she and her husband, Josh, brought 3-year-old Brooklyn home from the hospital last Wednesday and that she is doing well.

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