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Castle Country Clash set to hit Carbon County area in September

Sun Advocate reporter

What is being advertised as the biggest modified race in the western United States will take place in Price on Sept. 29 through Sept. 30.

Castle Country Clash will be presented on the Desert Thunder Raceway. The event will feature three categories of cars: modified, street stock and pure stock.

Event planners are expecting to have 150 cars participate in the race, where a $20,000 purse will be offered.

"What we want is to do is make this the best race we can and work towards becoming as big as Las Vegas," said Dave Adair.

Adair, Ron Hansen and racetrack owner Harvey Howard are the individuals who are taking charge of the upcoming contest.

The three men see the potential of the race becoming a perennial event.

The main draw to the event is the track, according to the event organizers.

Desert Thunder is three-eights of a mile long and 80 feet wide.

It is an oval track, which is semi-banked, and races late models, pure stocks and modifieds and is the largest dirt track west of Denver.

The $20,000 purse will be posted on Desert Thunder's website.

The first place winner in the modified category will receive $3,000.

First place for street stock will receive $2,500 and first place for pure stock will receive $1,500.

The event organizers expect to draw 750 people associated with racing, including the vehicle drivers, crews and mechanics.

With a $15,000 advertising budget raised from local business sponsors, the race planners hope to attract many fans and drivers not only from Utah, but from the entire western United States.

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