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Letter to the Editor: Great rights to disagree

St. George


In the July 18 edition of the Sun Advocate letters to the editor, my old friend Walt Borla took exception to my previous letter that I had written and that the paper had printed.

This is what is great about the freedom democracy and the freedom of the press along with many other rights and freedoms we enjoy in this great land of America.

Walt has the right to disagree with me and I have those same rights to disagree with him and still argue and debate the same issue while still remaining old friends. And neither of us proving which is right or the other wrong.

It goes back to the first inaugural address that Thomas Jefferson made when he said Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle.

There is no way either of us can prove which one is right or which is wrong at this time. But if Al Gore becomes president of the United States his action will prove Mr. Borla right. That is because he will be promoting what Walt is writing about. And you the kind readers will suffer from his decisions.

To the readers of this letter, now is the time for you to email Senators Bennett and Hatch demanding they recall the Wilderness Act and the Endangered Species Act which was promoted and pushed by the Democrats. It has become a vicious tool in the hands of the radical environmentalists.

They had often used it to stop the oil and gas companies to proceed in developing and producing petroleum products which would make us self sustaining in terms of our energy use.

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