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Rantings and Ravings

Guest contributor

A week ago Price was treated to a 5 hour power outage. We haven't had one that long in years. I don't know exactly what the cause of it was.

I do know we had lightning in the area and luckily I had already shut down my computer.

The lack of power didn't really affect me too much at first. I was a bit irritated because the Cubs were actually winning a game, but there were still two innings to go. They have been known to squander a six run lead with less game to play before.

My grand daughter kept coming in and asking to watch cartoons. I would tell her the power was out and she just thought it was another one of my 103 reasons I give on why she can't spend a gorgeous summer afternoon parked in front of the TV. I finally told her that if she could make the TV work she could watch all afternoon.

Her eyes lit up and she danced to grab the remote. After it didn't work, she went right to the source and tried. She gave up and went back outside.

We went across town and had dinner with some friends. Their power was also out. Even though they had a gas range, they couldn't light the oven and so the lasagna was backed outside on the grill. It turned out very tasty.

On our way over, we observed how we cope without power. One guy had his truck radio turned way up, entertaining his neighborhood. Most of the street lights were out and people had to remember the rules of a four way stop.

Stores relied on back up generators to power a register or two. It wasn't quite business as usual, but life did go on.

A little disturbing was the fact that as the outage drug on, we tried to tune into the radio stations for some updates. One by one the radio stations went off the air. Not all stations went off but our choices were limited. On that station I never heard a live broadcast of any local news.

I hope in an actual emergency that they have some back up power to keep the community informed of what is happening.

When the lights came back on we were finishing dinner. We reached over and turned them back off and continued to enjoy the quiet and company of good friends before returning back to the age of energy.

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