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Letter to the Editor: Donate to Dino-Park fund



I am writing this letter as scribe for my grandchildren's family dog, "Cutie Pie". She is a two-year old Shih Tzu. Amazingly, "Cutie Pie" was the lucky winner of the $1,000 first place price in this years "Adopt a Duck Race", sponsored by the Price Kiwanis Club during Pleasant Valley Days in Scofield.

Our four grandchildren who accompanied us to Scofield insisted we purchase a rubber duck race ticket for their favorite pet. When she won, our grandchildren suggested we donate the entire $1,000 to a "Cutie Pie Dino Mine Children's Park Challenge Fund", which we did the same day.

We would like to encourage all children in Carbon County with pet's to raise money for "Cutie Pies" challenge fund. Perhaps they can sell lemonade, bake cookies, hold raffles, or solicit sponsors for a "Dino Park Cutie Pie" fundraising bike ride, or walk, etc.

We would encourage Carbon County business owners to establish their own "Dino Mine Children's Park Fund". Perhaps my long time friend, State Senator Mike Dmitrich, would head up the business fund raising? He has already served your community well.

"Cutie Pie" and several of our 26 grandchildren are looking forward to attending the children's park.

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