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Letter to the Editor: Abortion Justified

Vadnais Heights, Minn.


Seems to me that there is ample moral justification for abortion.

How about aborting the President's ill-conceived plan to destroy the time-proven efficacy of Social Security and Medicare?

Wouldn't it be prudent to abort unnecessary, wasteful spending and lack of accountability in the out-of-control defense department budget? Why isn't Congress aborting no-bid contracts with the defense department?

How about aborting the incompetent 'leadership' in the Bush administration? At the very least, had we had competent leadership, we could have aborted the unaccounted-for-loss of over eight billion dollars in cash that was earmarked for the reconstruction of Iraq. Neither the general accounting office nor this administration have a clue as to where that money went. Couldn't they have at least gotten a receipt for the transaction?

Surely it would be prudent to abort the President's hare-brained scheme to permanently reduce taxes for the richest among us and instead to raise taxes accordingly to pay for his war.

Better yet, why don't we promptly abort the President's reign of terror and impeach him?

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