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Letter to the Editor: Senseless and cruel



On July 8th, 2006 our family suffered a tragedy.

Our one and a half year old Basset Hound, Lazy, was shot in his back at nearly point blank range by a pellet gun. The pellet severed his spinal cord and we were forced to have him put down.

The pellet was shot by a 15 year old boy who has been staying with his sister. This was a senseless and cruel thing to do to a dog that was probably going right up to the boy with his tail wagging. Lazy was so much more than a beloved family pet, he was also therapy for my son who has been going through a very serious illness. He was as gentle and loving a dog as there ever was.

I would like to remind parents to talk to children about gun safety and to keep guns and ammunition locked away. If there is a problem with dogs in your neighborhood, please call the owner or animal control. That is the neighborly and safe thing to do.

It is against the law for a minor to be in possession of a firearm without the proper supervision and to discharge a firearm in city limits. What if a child had been following the dog up the driveway?

We are devastated by our dog's death. We cannot believe in the neighborhood where we have lived for over twenty years that something like this would happen.

We hope no one ever has to go through this.

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