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Letter to the Editor: Global warming is real



After reading the view of one of the writers of the Different Shades of Gray: An "Unfortunate Lie" (Sun Advocate, July 4) I'm convinced the writer must be a member of the Flat Earth Society. It reeks of authorship of Karl Rove, edited by George W. and proof read by Tom DeLay.

He can compress the most words into the smallest idea in this newspaper. He attacks the efforts of Al Gore to publicize the real disasters predicted of global warming, which is already affecting our lives, costing us money and will continue to do so.

He has concluded that global warming is a myth and Al Gore is a "liar, an unfortunate lie". He has already convinced himself Al Gore will be a presidential candidate when Gore himself has not announced his intentions. If Gore had not had the election stolen from him, we would not have spent 250 billion or more on a war waged in the wrong place, in the wrong time, and for the wrong reason. We would have at least the 236 billion - the surplus Bill Clinton left George W.; and the six million working people who have lost their insurance since George W. took office.

We have escalating inflation in every area - fuel and energy costs, food, and transportation. We have a lack of confidence in government, alienation of formerly friendly nations, over eight trillion (eight thousand billion) dollars of debt, giveaways to big oil, slashed benefits to the poor and more tax cuts to the wealthy. We have escalating drug costs and attempts to destroy the Social Security System. This incompetent administration and its leader have, emphatically stated, there is no such thing as global warming.

Climate has destroyed past civilizations. It is likely that the American midwest is vulnerable to global warming and in some areas of the midwest they are already experiencing a drought with crop failure - likely due to global warming. It is easy to ignore global warming, as we have always had erratic weather.

Every year since 1997 has been in the top 10 of hottest years with 2005 setting a record. There is universal agreement among scientists that global warming is a reality. Melting snow caps, lower river volumes, disappearing snow in the mountains, like in Kilimanjaro, already spell doom for much of that region. The list is endless. Climate has destroyed many past civilizations and they had no way to know that climates could change.

We do have that knowledge. We need to take action on all fronts, and we haven't done it yet.

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