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Letter to the Editor: Protect our forests



Time to wake up America. We the people have been deceived for the past 30 years, we've been told a whole bunch of lies by a group of people that call themselves environmentalists.

They claim to care about our forests. Really?

They first started with the poor little owl, and not only stopped logging but devastated a whole way of life for hundreds of thousands of people.

When the Twin Towers were bombed President Bush said the terrorists were trying to devastate our way of life. Look what the enviro's have been doing to America for 30 years, so what does that make them?

Okay you are asking yourself where I am going with this.

Have you visited our forests lately?

If you have you know where I'm going, if not you need to. A picture is worth a thousand words.

If you can look at our forests lands and not feel grief and anger, I'll be appalled. Our forests are almost dead. They still have a heart beat but it is very weak. If we the people don't step up and cry out to this national disaster that is facing us now, we are going to lose our precious forests.

We are fed a lot of hoopla about it being this or that kind of beetle or it's a natural phenomenon due to drought. Poppy cock! The Japanese bark beetle is not indigenous to this country, that is why our forest have no defense to it. If it were a natural event there would be no such thing as old growth timber.

Something must be done now. Not tomorrow or next year. What can we do? Call our congressmen, senators, governor and let them know we want something done now, be it spraying to kill this invader and/or logging to get the dead and dying away from the healthy and living trees. If we don't they will be dead next year and so on and so on until they all die just like a terrible plague.

Then we should salvage the dead timber! Let's not waste a resource that can give jobs and money to the country, rather than being a tax burden. Let the forest pay for itself as it has since the dawn of time.

The enviro's plan? Let it all die. What then, burn it?

And what happened to the little owl and all the other little creatures these so called enviros cared so much about saving that they devastated the whole northwest's way of life? He gets burnt up, along with billions of dollars of tax money, fighting fires.

Time to step up America and save our forests from the "enviros".

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