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UDOT Advises Motorists Of Likely Traffic Delays

The Utah Department of Transportation issues a report every other week to advise motorists of major construction projects that may impact traffic. The project descriptions provide general information concerning overall scope, basic traffic control measures and anticipated completion dates.

Some projects may not be included due to their short time table or lesser impact on traffic. Construction schedules are subject to change due to inclement weather conditions, equipment problems or emergency situations.

The UDOT report does not include information on federal, county or city projects unless UDOT is directly involved. Motorists chould refer to the proper agency for information on projects not included in this report.

The following projects are ongoing in and around Carbon and Emery counties:

•U.S. Highway 6 Helper interchange. Project includes the construction of a grade-separated interchange on Highway 6 at North Main Street in Helper. The interchange will feature a bridge over Main Street with on- and off-ramps onto Highway 6. Crews are currently staging equipment in anticipation of an early July start date. Construction will begin at a box culvert over Spring Canyon Wash. Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction with minimal delays. Expected completion date is July 2008.

•Highway 6 milepost 239 to 244. Project includes the mill of existing pavement and an overlay of new asphalt through a five-mile long section of Highway 6. Road construction crews are currently paving the project and motorists are advised to watch for flaggers and expect minimal delays through the project. Expected completion is set for July.

•Highway 6 at milepost 200. Project includes repair of bridge on Highway 6 where the highway crosses over the Union Pacific Railroad at milepost 200 in Spanish Fork Canyon. Construction crews are repairing the parapets on the south side of the bridge. Motorists are restricted to one lane at the bridge crossing. A temporary traffic signal is in place to guide drivers across the bridge. Motorists should expect moderate travel delays during the weekdays and heavy delays during the weekend. Expected completion is July 3.

•Highway 6 chip seal projects north of Interstate 70. Project includes the chip seal coat of Highway 6 from milepost 262 to 263 and from 292 to I-70, the replacement of guardrail and shoulder work. Work is scheduled to begin as early as July 10 with traffic reduced to one lane in each direction. Expected completion is set for the end of July.

•Highway 6 bridge deck replacement at milepost 288. Project includes the replacement of a bridge deck on Highway 6 across a railroad about 12 miles north of I-70. Crews plan to begin the project July 10 with traffic reduced to one lane in alternating directions as controlled by a temporary traffic signal. Motorists should expect heavy delays. Expected completion is November 2006.

•Moab Main Street. Project includes the complete reconstruction of Moab Main Street from 300 South to 200 North and pavement rehabilitation from Overlook Road to 500 North. Some utility lines will also be replaced. Work is complete from 500 North to 100 South except at the 200 North intersection. The section from Overlook Road to 300 South is also finished, except for raising manhole covers to the road level. Concrete pavement operations are also continuing on the west side of Main Street from 100 South to 300 South and expect to switch over to the east side of the road July 7. Traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction with a reduced speed limit through the construction zones. All business accesses remain open. Expected completion is set for August.

•I-70 from Floy Wash to Crescent Junction (U.S. Highway 191). Project includes the mill, recycle, and new pavement overlay of this section of I-70 northwest of Moab. Crews will mill 1.5 inches of asphalt off the top of the road, mill and recycle 3 inches of pavement, and place 3.5 inches of new asphalt on the road. Westbound traffic is reduced to one lane through the work zone. Motorists can expect a reduced speed limit of 65 mph and minimal delays. Expected completion is scheduled for the end of July.

•Highway 191 from milepost 147 to 151 north of Moab. Project includes the addition of southbound passing lanes, the roto-mill of existing lanes, and a full-width overlay. Crews plan to continue paving the project through the first week of July with traffic reduced to one lane in alternating directions as directed by flaggers and pilot cars. Motorists should expect delays of up to 15 minutes. Project is expected to be completed in July.

•Mt. Pleasant Main Street. Project includes placing a slurry seal coat on Main Street. Crews plan to work on this project August 9-18. Traffic will be reduced to one lane in alternating directions as directed by pilot cars and flaggers. Expected completion is scheduled for the end of August.

•U.S. 89 from Spring City to Pigeon Hollow Junction. Project includes the placement of a new layer of HMA pavement. Crews will work July 6 to 14 to place a new layer of pavement on the roadway. Traffic will be reduced to one lane in alternating directions as directed by pilot cars and flaggers. Expected completion is set for mid July.

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