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Letter to the Editor: Just an idea

Spring Glen


I am writing this letter to make a suggestion.

There are stop lights hanging at 100 West and Main Street in Price that have been covered up, and evidently not now needed. Now that the statue has been placed there, there is a four way stop.

Price has been in need of a stop light on the corner of Carbon Avenue and 100 South for as long as I can remember, yet none has ever been put there. It seems silly to me that we have stop lights that are wrapped up and not being used at 100 West and Main Street, yet we need one (and have needed one) for many years on 1st South and Carbon Avenue (by the corner of the post office).

Why is that? Wouldn't it be more feasible to put the unused stop lights to use there at the post office corner instead of just wrapping them up and not using them where they are?

Just a suggestion ...

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