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Letter to the Editor: Write to protect the flag



I agree with most things that Senator Bennett does, but almost every year I have written to him asking him to vote for the "Flag Amendment", and every year, he votes against it.

It has been passed year, after year by the House of Representatives, but it fails to pass in the senate, by a very few votes (Senator Hatch is one of it's sponsors, and is very much for it.) This year some members of the American Legion, and other Veterans, have decided to try another tack. We are going to send all of our letters to Senator Bennett, in one bunch, and see if this will have a different effect on him. We invite all veterans, non veterans, anyone that would like to write a letter to Sen. Bennett, asking him to vote for the flag Amendment, then send it the Utah American Legion. They will then hand deliver the letters to Sen. Bennett's office.

I'm sure that each Veteran (and everyone else) has their own story, of how much "Old Glory" means to them.

I remember well, the tears my brother (a tough Marine) shed, as he told of seeing other Marines raise the flag on Iwo Jima. Another brother followed that flag across North Africa, then bailed out with dozens of other paratroopers, behind the enemy lines in Italy, to fight their way to meet friendly forces. What a blessing it was to see "Old Glory" again. His body was later pierced with shrapnel from a grenade, and he spent many months in hospitals, recovering.

I know personally, as I served with another brother, in the Navy, we talked several times, when we were in foreign countries, the good feeling these swabbies had, when they came back to our ship, and saw the flag waving overhead.

Please, Sen. Bennett, vote to give us a chance to protect this wonderful flag, from desecration.

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