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Price's yard of the month begins soon

As in past years, Price City's Community Progress Committee will be hard at it looking for great yards in town and also wanting to reward people for their hard work.

The committee hopes to encourage community pride and participation in make the community a more beautiful place in which to live and visit.

Yards are judged by their "curb appeal" which follows these criteria.

•Neatness, clean and orderly.

•Most beautiful.

•Display of water conservation.


•Well trimmed curb and gutter.

•Clean parking strips.

Price City is divided into four quadrants. Each qaudrant has a set of judges who nominate a yard of the month for June 26-30, July 24-30 and August 21-25. The winners are selected and turned into Chairperson Delores Sandoval. Each winner then receives a visit from a city official who presents them with an "All Spruced Up" sign to display in their yard for approximately one month. Winners also receive a smaller version of the sign as a keepsake.

Yards can only qualify for "Spruce It Up" every other year. Previous year winners do qualify for an award entitled "On-Going Excellence Award." These winners are based on the same criteria as the "All Spruced Up" yards.

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