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Helper museum receives state grant

The Utah Office of Museum Services recently awarded grants totaling $430,414 to 100 facilities at locations across the state.

The recipients inlcuded the Helper Western Mining and Railroad Museum. The Helper facility received $6,000 in grant funding from the state agency.

The grants assist in the preservation and display of historical artifacts, address structural needs including building repairs and restoration, catalog collections and expand educational programs, noted the state agency.

In addition to the Helper facility, grant recipients indlcued the Blanding Pioneer Museum, $6,000; the Museum of San Rafael, $6,000; and the Dan O'Laurie Museum, $4,700.

"The Legislature is aware of the impact funding makes to our museums,"noted Dan Burke, director of the office of museum services. "They also recognize the importance of museums in preserving our heritage and culture of our state and the benefit of museums to the state's tourism industry." Utah has more than six million visitors annually.

All 250 Utah museums are eligible to apply for grant funding.

Applications fall into two categories: project support grants, up to $6,000, for expanding and developing new projects; and development grants, up to $1,000, for basic operational expenses.

Project support grants require a dollar-for-dollar cash or in-kind match.

Development grants assist museums that are open fewer than 1,000 hours a year.

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