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Preseason conditioning pays off for Carbon football

Sun Advocate sports reporter

Prospective Carbon High football players participate in preseason drills.

Coach JP Salisbury has been running a conditioning workout program for potential Carbon High football players since March. He is ecstatic about the progress he is seeing so far. Coach Salisbury took 20 students to compete in the prestigious Weber State 7-on-7 competition last week. They also competed in the Strong Man events as well.

The 7-on-7 competition consists of the quarterbacks and running backs paired up against the other teams defensive players. It is strictly a passing game. There are several of these held around the state, but the event in Ogden is one of the best in the state. It draws mostly 5A and 4A teams to its competition.

Forty two teams entered the competition. There were only five 3A teams entered. Carbon began the competition in a pool of teams that was made up of only 4A and 5A teams. Its pool included last year's 4A championship team, Mountain Crest. The top four teams from each pool were able to move to the final round. Carbon was the only 3A team in the entire tournament to make it to the finals.

Carbon had made great advances in their passing game. The 7-on-7 competition allowed them to show they can hold their own in a passing game. The team was 4-3, but never lost a game by more than one touch down.

The linemen also had a chance to show their stuff as they competed in the Strongman competition. It was much like the competitions that are shown on ESPN and Fox Sports. There were strength events that consisted of tire throwing and log lifting as well as many other strength trials.

Coach Salisbury was blown away by the showing from the boys from Carbon. The team placed eighth out of 32 teams and they beat all the 3A and 4A teams to do it. Only 5A teams placed ahead of Carbon in the standings. This included Cottonwood, who has the number one lineman in the country. The Carbon team is made up of linemen who all weighed in under 200 pounds.

In both of the tournaments, Carbon did not place less than 10th in any event. This shows the team that they can compete with any one in the state. Salisbury is confident the team is on track for a championship season. He feels the team's off-season progress has been phenomenal. The mental attitude is coming along with the increases in strength and conditioning that the team works on each morning. Strength Coach Ernie Koss has the kids on a grueling pace. He has them in the weight room and out on the field flipping tires and dragging long wall chains.

So far it seems to be paying off. It is only a few more weeks before the fruits of all the labor will be tested on the gridiron.

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