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Dino athletes named to all-state baseball team

Troy Grundy returns to the dugout filled with determination to win. This determination lead to Grundy being named to the all-state baseball team.

Four Carbon High players were named to the annual all-state team in baseball. After a tremendous season, the Dinos had an easy time making an appearance on the all-state roster.

Troy Grundy and Matt Jewkes were each named to the all-states first team. Grundy who recently completed his sophomore year, brings a strong arm to the forefront for the Dino team. Pressure does not seem to be a factor for this calm pitcher who seldom breaks a sweat during a game. In fact, the Dinos have found a leader in Grundy who could easily aid the team to a state championship next season.

Jewkes was named to the all-state team for his infield performance this season. The intensity which Jewkes plays with carries over to the remainder of the Dino team. Whether Jewkes is manning the infield or standing tall atop the pitchers mound, the desire to win is obvious. A senior this past year, Jewkes will be moving on next season and the Dino field will never be the same without his determination.

The all-state second team also had its share of Dino athletes named to the roster. Seniors Zac Cloward and Blake Wilde each were named to the second team.

Cloward had an incredible season this year playing both catcher and pitcher. As catcher, Cloward has a talent to see action on the field many other players do not. The quickness of Cloward's arm along with his fast thinking, kept opponents running for safe ground.

Another Dino pitcher who has a quick and accurate arm is Wilde. While pitching from the dirt mound, Wilde throws the ball with ease, nailing his target nearly every time. Wilde also has a talent to step up when the pressure is on. Although the weight of the world seems to be on his shoulders at times, Wilde seldom slumps when the competition comes calling.

The Carbon High Dinos who were named to the team represent the best of the best in baseball in the class 3A division. Each player has been honored for their contribution to the success of Dino baseball this season.

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