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Price police department plans to create traffic school

Sun Advocate reporter

At a Price council meeting on May 24, Chief Aleck Shilaos presented the officials with an idea that the city police department hopes will help with traffic violations.

Shilaos proposed that the police department start a traffic school. The suggestion was in agreement with the city attorney and with the courts.

The police chief indicated that people who receive traffic violations should consider attending the school.

Upon completing the course, the ticketed motorists would receive credit through the courts and the violations would not appear on permanent driving records.

Citations listed on driving records not only affect a person's car insurance, but other consequences may happen due to the tickets, noted the Price police chief

There would be a fee of $35 in addition to the court fee for the course and would be held at the police department every other week.

Price City Attorney Nick Sampinos stated that it would be a positive thing for the community.

Councilmember Rick Davis brought up a question of concern about the overtime expenditures that would be paid to the officers teaching the class.

Shilaos explained that the officers would have to get overtime because he didn't want to pull Price policemen off the streets and regular patrol duties to conduct the class.

The fee paid by motorists to participate in the driving class would pay for the officers' overtime, explained the police chief.

Leftover funds would be put toward purchasing the supplies the school may need.

Shilaos requested that the city set up an account for the excess monies so the police department could keep track of the funds and build the balance to buy the supplies required for the class.

The driving class would comply with Utah traffic standards, stated Shilaos.

After the police chief's presentation, the city councilmembers discussed the matter and agreed that the proposal would be a good thing for the community.

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