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Rantings and Ravings

Guest contributor

My husband left town again for a few days and as most of you know, that means home improvement projects at my house. I can barely use my left hand to type this because I whacked it hard with the hammer when I missed the pry bar I was using.

There are many people in my neighborhood doing projects this weekend. Our end of Price is on the reroofing theme this spring. Last year it was house painting.

Many of my neighbors take on similar tasks at the same time because these houses were all built in about the same period.

Our houses are not really expensive ones, just track housing slapped up in the late 70's during a housing boom. It is a neighborhood that is old enough that the homes could start showing signs of wear. Some do, but it is a neighborhood, like so many in Price that has pride. The homes are kept up and fixed up. They are lived in a long time, they trade hands as people move in and out, but it remains a nice neighborhood to live in.

That can be said about much of Carbon County. We do have a lot of pride in our community and it shows. There are pockets of places here where I am embarrassed to let out of towners see, but for the most part our area reflects a vibrant image of a community that cares about itself.

Having been involved with many state wide organizations, I know that the outside perceptions of our community are not always as we want it. It is hard to get state level news coverage here for the good things that happen. It is the tragic and the bizarre events that bring down the media from Salt Lake.

We know who we are and what we are about. We need to keep up the pride in our community that helps tell those who pass through that we are a community that cares.

How our community looks, both on Main Street and in our neighborhoods, tells a story about those who live here and how we think about ourselves and our community.

I hope that we also begin to extend our community pride to our road ways and undeveloped areas. There is still way too much illegal dumping and trash scattered places that it shouldn't be. But I will return to that rant again on another day.

Right now I'd best get some ice on my hand so I can finish my project tomorrow.

I also need to clean up a room full of play dough that I gave to the grandkids to keep them busy while I worked.

I'm not sure how it ended up on the ceiling.

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