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Letter to the Editor: be a 4-H Volunteer

USU Extension agent, Price


There are many ways for us to be involved with our children. I would like to talk about a program that has been serving youth in Utah for nearly one hundred years, 4-H.

The youth in 4-H have many exciting opportunities. They get together in clubs and form healthy relationships with other youth in a safe environment. They gain hands-on experience in things that are interesting to them. Most of all, they have fun through a variety of guided activities and programs.

The Carbon County Extension agents recently did a non-scientific survey to help determine what is most interesting to our youth and whether or not they are interested in 4-H. Topics of interestwere wildlife management, art, computers, photography, small engine repair, pet care, cooking, and rocket building, to name just a few.

The numbers were astounding. Over two hundred Carbon County youth indicated an interest in being part of 4-H, and that was mostly third grade youth.

We are in desperate need for volunteer 4-H leaders. The 4-H program provides an excellent opportunity for our local youth to be involved in positive activities. The clubs are frequently organized by a parent with their own children, but we can expand that to include some of the friends and neighbors of our children. Most clubs meet once a week for a couple of hours during the summer for about eight to 10 weeks. Projects or posters of club activities are displayed at the Carbon County Fair.

Many people feel they don't know enough to be a 4-H leader. It's really quite simple. A good 4-H leader is one who wants to help kids succeed. We will train on the specifics of being a 4-H leader. An additional benefit is to have an area of interest to help the youth explore. Specific topics for clubs to explore can be anything, as long as it is legal and safe.

Carbon County 4-H is a wonderful opportunity to provide direction and hope for our youth. Be a part of our kids as they grow up-be a 4-H volunteer.

To volunteer call our office at 636-3233.

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