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Name for super playground selected, fund raising efforts move foward

Sun Advocate reporter

The kids who picked the new name for the super playground in Price assembled recently at Terrace Hills Park near the site of the new Dino-Mine Adventure Park. They include Madeline Allen, Dylan Barker, Robert Blackham, Austin Damron, Todd Davis, Jacob Eliot, Caitlin Johnson, Shayleigh Johnson , Zachary Prettyman, Katie Reynolds and Andrew Richens. The playground is scheduled to be built in September.

The steering committee for the community park held a county wide contest to choose a name for the park/playground that is expected to be constructed in September. Eleven children all came up with the winning name.

The park will be named the Dino-Mine Adventure Park. This will be a community built park that will occupy the site just beside the skate board and bike parks in Price. The park will dwarf anything previously built in the county.

Since the park is a community built park, private fund raising is essential to make this project a reality. The park committee needs to come up with $18,000 to finish the park in the next month. Having the money early will allow the committee to have the actual plans and work scope necessary to complete the park. Without the plans the ground level and prep work cannot begin on schedule.

Individuals can contribute to the project by buying a picket, a bench or a paver that will have their name (or someone they want to honor) etched or engraved on it. The money raised is all going for the construction of the park.

The Sun Advocate is also sponsoring a fund raiser by allowing those who want to subscribe to the paper for a year or two years the right to donate part of their subscription fee for the park. For information call 637-0732.

All labor and time will be donated by the community, the county and cities to get construction of the park completed. The Dino-Mine Adventure Park is a community vision that will be a legacy to the community. It will be a place for children of all ages to come and explore and enjoy for hours at a time.

And the best part of all is it will be free to use by everyone.

The 11 children who submitted the winning name are Madeline Allen, Dylan Barker, Robert Blackham, Austin Damron, Todd Davis, Jacob Eliot, Caitlin Johnson, Shayleigh Johnson, Zachary Prettyman, Katie Reynolds and Andrew Richens. These 11 children will be honored by having their names on a plaque outside the park to let people know about the involvement of the children in the creation and building of the park.

Residents who wish to directly donate to the construction fund can contact either Price City (637-5010) or Carbon County Economic Development (636-3295) for more information.

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