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Letter to the Editor: Hyped-up fears



We trust experts in many fields-flying, medicine, automobile repairs, etc. Why then should we trust only non-experts regarding nuclear energy and nuclear waste?

Do these people have any expertise in nuclear physics?

As a physicist I agree that spent nuclear fuel would be very dangerous if it were not contained in massive, robust containers that could withstand any conventional weapon or a plane crash without releasing any radioactive material to the environment. Also, over 3,000 U.S. shipments of spent nuclear fuel have been made with no radiation deaths or injuries. (I have never been employed by the nuclear power industry, but volunteer some efforts.)

Fears are high because they have been cultivated, starting with former Governor Leavitt.

Because of public fears, the Air Force brass would cease flying close by the Goshute Reservation, reducing the usefulness of Hill Airforce Base. Because of that response to fear, our present politicians fight nuclear power, regardless of the country's need for clean, abundant, economical energy which doesn't use foreign oil or produce greenhouse gases. To protect jobs at Hill AFB, they oppose nuclear regardless of its outstanding safety record.

Without the hyped-up fears, the Goshute project would be acceptable.

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