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Letter to the Editor: Can't anyone stop it

Los Angeles, Calif.o


I do hope that on June 2nd I shall not be anywhere near the nuclear test site in Nevada, or downwind, say, in Colorado, Utah or Arizona, when our government detonates 1.4 million tons of explosives.

The idea is to simulate a nuclear explosion, so that they can calculate how much material will be needed to bomb Iran into the Stone Age. They say this is necessary to figure out how to make a tactical nuke, a smaller nuclear weapon that will represent that much firepower for Iran.

This is Orwellian - we have always been at war with . . .

One of the many problems associated with this test is that the radioactive dust with a half life of billions of years that is already present at the test site will be thrown up into the air and carried onto the winds to who knows where. We are probably going to see elevated cancer rates for many years in Nevada and any place that is downwind of the explosion during the ensuing months.

Isn't there anybody out there with sufficient clout to stop these malignant idiots and their crazed plans?

The media should definitely be present to photograph this latest idiocy to show the public a real mushroom cloud that will endanger their lives for years to come, unlike the fake one that Bush dangled before our noses in 2001.

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