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Letter to the Editor: Food bank not a right



I have been volunteering at the Carbon County Food Bank for over three years.

The food bank is not only a place to receive help with food, but hope for the future. The staff are very caring and generous to everyone who comes in with a concern or need. They help people with a smile and courteous intentions to help in any way possible. Laughter always fills the office and warehouse many times throughout the day.

If people come in for food without the paperwork or proof needed to get their food boxes the staff lets it slide and asks them to bring it with them the next month, and sends them home with their food. The staff even does home deliveries to people unable to make it into the office. They would never make a hungry mouth wait for the nourishment that it needs.

Most of the food is donated, and there is a lot of appreciation to the community for that, while a small portion is from the government that must be kept accounted for through inventory.

Many people complain because of new applications that are mandated by the state. This is not because of the staff. They do not pick and choose who must fill these out. Everyone must do this.

Because of the war and cuts to government programs being made by our president, there might not be a food bank at this time next year. Most people are gracious for these services.

There is a simple reminder on a poster hanging in the office which says "Food bank services are a privilege, and not a right. Abuse the service and you will lose the privilege.

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