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Letter to the Editor: Greedy lessons learned



I think the business community in Price deserves a lot of credit for putting on the Easter egg hunt on April 8 in Pioneer Park. Too bad that cannot be said of the parents.

I have never seen such deplorable and inexcusable behavior by supposed "adults." My eight year old was almost mowed down by the kids and parents. I think eight to 12 year olds are perfectly capable of gathering their own eggs with no help from mommy and daddy. My daughter managed to get one egg while many others of her group got 15-20 eggs. How fair is that?

I couldn't believe the cheating going on. Many parents were putting eggs in the younger childrens baskets before the event even started. Are these the lessons we are teaching our children? Is it okay to be greedy and cheat? No wonder our youth have the problems they do, just look at the behavior of the parents.

My 8 year old stated to me, "Mom, this wasn't very much fun. I don't want to come next year and why do people have to be so greedy?"

We were told there would be plenty of eggs to go around and there would have been if not for the selfishness of others.

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