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Letter to the Editor: Applauded, not criticized



How sad it is that someone would complain about the random act of kindness at the grocery store.

I happened to be at the store when free groceries were offered. I did get my $40 of groceries paid for. While there however I noticed how some of the customers took advantage of this offer. (run and fill up their carts)

No, it was not planned or advertised. And for a good reason. This was a random act of kindness. It's really nice to see companies or people do this with no strings attached and in such an unexpected way. I can't tell you how it made my day. Not because I got free groceries but the kindness of the act.

It's really sad to hear someone publicly criticize them for doing this. People should understand that there has to be an end and if you go in the store expecting something for nothing. Shame on you.

I wonder how many people know that this company also gave thousands of dollars to the community that day. They gave $2000 to the high school newsaper, bought lunch at local restaraunts for people and who knows what else.

They should be applauded for their generosity, not criticized.

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