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Letter to the Editor: Should know better



On March 20, I was driving home from Provo on Highway 6. Just before the rest area, I had someone come up behind me and tail me very closely. It was on the second look back that I realized it was an ambulance. They were so close to my rear bumper that I had to look in the side mirror to see if the top lights were flashing. They were not.

I tried to get out of their way by speeding up and pulling to the right, but the ambulance stayed on my tail and pushed me up to 70 mph. I started into the 'S' curve at the rest area at 70, and it is clearly marked 45. I finally had to brake and slow down to control my car.

My thought was, "At least I would have an EMT here when I roll."

I was able to stay in the right lane and they passed me just after the rest area. I was going 60 when they blew by me. I was shocked to see Carbon County Ambulance on the side.

Above everyone else, they should know that driving on Highway 6 like that gets people killed.

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