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Letter to the Editor: an officer and gentleman

East Carbon


It seems that when some people look for people to look up to, they look to the latest celebrity. But I recently met somebody right here in our little town of Price that should be on that list of people to admire.

On Wednesday night, my vehicle broke down on Main Street. As I was sitting there trying to get my van started again, and watching motorist after motorist just pass by while honking and yelling not nice things, Officer David Cartwright pulled up behind me, and not only pushed me out of the intersection, but was kind enough to give me a ride to where I needed to go.

A lot of people are probably saying "Well, that's his job." But I want to tell him how much I appreciated that help. There are a lot of people in our community that can't stand the police until they are in trouble and need them. But I would like our department to know that there are still people who appreciate their efforts and the assistance they provide.

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