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Rantings and Ravings

Guest contributor

I struggled a bit this week to write something for this space. I have had a lot of people say they like what I write, but twice this week I heard that someone has not. I knew that would be the case going in to putting my opinions out where all could see them.

But as with all of us, I never really like to hear they are not accepted by all.

So when I considered the several topics I had thought about writing I now had a bit of self doubt about their validity. But there I went just the same, back to the keyboard ready to put my personal opinion back out here on the line.

I talked with someone this week that has some strong views on the statue in the First West intersection. She lives and works in that neighborhood and has been affected by it. I tried to get her to write to the paper, but she doesn't want people to be mad at her.

We get calls at the paper all the time with people who have issues with things that are happening or have been published in the paper and want something done about it. This editorial page is a great place to vent. You do need to have the courage to put your name on what you write, however.

That can be scary for some. Of course you can't attack someone personally in your letter either. But our paper and our community need the opinions of all of us to best represent the majority. What is happening in the community that you especially like or despise? How is this paper doing in covering it?

I will continue to put my opinions out on the line for any of you to take a shot at. A friend of mine was one of the people who said she disagreed with something I wrote. We are still friends and we disagree on many of our philosophies. I think that is why we get along.

Our new monthly feature, Shades of Gray, that Tom McCourt and I are doing will surely give much food for thought. I hope that despite your current views on any one topic we present, you will read both sides and learn a bit.

Thank you to everyone who gives us input. I hope to see an increase in letters to the editor, but if not at least keep calling us and letting us know how we are doing. The good, the bad or the ugly, your voice needs to be heard.

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