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Dinos ready to swat Wasps after tuneup

Sports editor

The ducks are in a row and someone's rowis ready to fall. Which teams row that will be is anyones guess right now. But if one asks the Carbon Lady Dinos they will tell you.

It will be the Wasatch Wasps.

Two wins by the girls from Carbon High last week and a loss by the top ranked Lady Wasps definitely puts the game into question. Will the number three ranked team (Carbon) beat the number one ranked team (Wasatch) on the Wasps home floor.

And if they do, will Carbon move into the top slot or will Snow Canyon who barely beat the Lady Dinos a few weeks ago in a lackluster game for both teams move into first?

That tale will be told on Friday night as Carbon challenges the Wasatch County high schools supremacy in the 3A classification.

Carbon tuned up for the showdown last week as they went on a road trip to southwestern Utah last week beating up Cedar City 64-45 on Thursday night and then driving down to balmy (well as least compared to here) St. George and really whipping Pine View 63-35.

Cedar City is only a 45 minute drive from St. George, but there is a world of difference in the temperature this time of year. Iron County was very cold on Thursday night, but the Carbon Dinos were extremely hot.

Carbon, whose record rose to 9-1 with the prior to Christmas week wins, jumped out to a 13-8 lead in the first quarter and never looked back.

By the time the half was over Carbon was ahead 25-17, but the best or the worst, depending on whose side one was on was to come.

The second half proved that. As Cassie Warburton put on a shooting show, the Lady Dinos crushed the Lady Reds 20-10 in the third quarter.

The fourth period brought about a better quarter for the Cedar High team, but that was mainly because Carbon pulled most of it's starters to give the bench a chance to play. Cedar came back to score 18, but Carbon still put up 19.

It was a three point feast by the Warburton sisters as Cassie threw in three, Chelsey put in two from beyond the arc and younger sister Morgan tossed in two also.

Brittany Pollastro scored 12 in the game.

On Friday night in Washington County the weather was a little warmer, but Carbon had just warmed up against Cedar High the night before as they ripped into the Lady Panthers right from the start.

Chelsey Warburton began with her old tricks once again; taking the ball away from the Pine View guards time and time again and either going in for a score or passing to someone who did. At the end of the first period the score was 13-8.

In the second period the Lady Dinos buried the girls from Pine View for good with a 20-8 quarter as they went into the locker room with a 33-16 lead.

The third period brought more bad stuff for the Lady Panthers as the Lady Dinos poured on 27 points in the quarter, possibly the most they have scored in one period this year. Pine View only managed a weak eight points in the quarter.

By the time the fourth period rolled around Carbon's head coach Bruce Bean was emptying his bench once again. With mostly sophomores on the floor, Pine View was able to out score the Lady Dinos 11-3 in the period, but it didn't matter anymore and even if the Pine View kids had been able to muster any kind of offense, all he would have had to do was push the insert Warburton's button and the score would have returned to it's now normal proportions.

Chelsey Warburton proved once again why she was a consensus all state preseason pick by putting up 20 points and playing tenacious defense every minute she was in the game. Lauren Reavely scored 11 and was the second leading scorer for the first time this year.

So it's now down to Friday night and a game against the top ranked Lady Wasps. In two weeks league play begins after a home game against 5A Cottonwood at home in the Dinogym on January 4.

But the game Friday could very well be a preview of the state championship game that will be played in late February.

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