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I should have expected to hear it on Sunday afternoon.

You know, the whining.

It's a yearly occurrence when the NCAA brackets for the field of 64 basketball teams are announced.

Dick Vitalle moaned about people like Air Force and Utah State getting in, and teams like Cincinatti and Missouri State being left out.

Jeff Judkins, formerly a Ute, cried about the fact that he thought the Utes ran the score up on his BYU womens team. Just see if he gets a shot at the head mens basketball coaches slot should another year of non-playoff basketball continue at the U.

BYU mens players cried about the fact they were left out of the NCAA and put in the NIT. Then to make things worse, they whined, they had to travel to Houston where coach Dave Rose played basketball during his days as a ball bouncer.

Whine, whine, whine.

It seems no one is ever treated fairly, so let's just let everyone in the big dance. Let's make great teams like Duke and UCLA play with one of their arms tied behind their backs in their first games against the worst teams in the nation. That ought to even things up.

Let's go to 72, 84 or maybe even 96 teams to play in the tournament.

Do you think that would end the moaning? I doubt it.

The fact is that in athletics, nothing really is fair. Some schools have better athletes, better programs and more money to foster them.

The only people I don't hear whining on television are the kids who played their hearts out and still had losing seasons.

They are the only ones who should have reason to complain.

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