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Local tumblers compete

Local members of a Helper tumbling class competed in three events at a meet in Spanish Fork. The team competed in power tumbling, double-mini trampoline, and trampoline.

Here are the results in the power tumbling event.

1st; Karissa Nelson, Shalylie Windward, BreAnna Coleman, Serena Young, Lillian Rowley, Rakayla Rich, and Reagan Harrison.

2nd; Tiffany Johnson, Rylee Anderson, Canessa Montoya, and Kindra Edwards.

3rd; Karen Moosman and Niki King

4th; Aajah Breinholt

Here are the results for double-mini trampoline

1st; Nelson, Coleman, Winward, Young, Adams, Johnson, and Montoya.

2nd; Harrison, Edwards, and Breinholt

3rd; Moosman, and King

5th; Rowley

Here are the results for trampoline.

1st; Nelson, Coleman, Rowley, Johnson, and Moosman

2nd; Winward Young, and Adams,

3rd; Harrison, and King

4th; Breinholt

5th; Montoya

6th; Edwards

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