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Grand opening scheduled for local fish pond

After months of planning and serious discussion, the Gigliotti fishing pond located in Helper is scheduled to open May 25. The fishing pond which is the first of its kind in the county has citizens wondering whether the timing was right for the new addition to the area.

After the announcement was made that the state is in a drought situation, residents began to discuss if the pond should stay or go. Currently, Helper residents are on a tight water restriction schedule. Many feel that the pond goes against these restrictions and feel that the timing is wrong for the attraction to open.

On the other hand, residents throughout the county, including Helper citizens, own water shares. These shares are available to the owners just as in previous years. The pond will be stocked with such water shares which have been donated by an individual for the recreational use. Therefore, the pond obides by Helper City laws.

The opening of the pond is bound to bring anglers from far and wide to access the public facility. The new recreation site is intended to attract those interested in fishing regardless of age or disability. In fact, the facility is surrounded by handicap accessable stands, thus allowing anyone to fish the pond.

Often times, disabled and elderly anglers have a difficult time accessing public fishing areas because they are located too far away from the anglers home or the area is too difficult to access. The Helper pond will elliminate these frustrations and allow all anglers to participate in the sport they love.

The pond will be free to the public, however anglers are required to possess a valid fishing license if age 14 or over.

The grand opening will occur Saturday at 9 a.m. and will begin with a ribbon cutting. Fishing will begin shortly thereafter.

The Division of Wildlife Resources will have extra rods, reels, tackle and baits for kids who do not have their own.

After months of planning and construction, the Gigliotti pond in Helper will indeed open to the public and is bound to be a well visited attraction in Carbon County.

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