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Pinnacle Canyon basketball struggles through first season

Sun Advocate sports reporter

A Pinnacle Canyon baller looks for open teammates.

For the first time in the school's history, Pinnacle Canyon Academy fielded both a boys' and girls' basketball team. The teams competed at the junior high junior varsity level.

The girls' team was coached by Jana Larsen. She had nine players come out for the team and they all played. Even with no victories to show, Larsen felt like the team improved with each game. They were strong on defense while learning to play offense. The team goes into next Thursday's tournament seeded in last place. They hope to pick up their first win so they can continue past the first round.

The boys' team was coached by Thomas Garvin. The boys were unable to grab a win this year either, though in their final game against Canyon View they took a lead into the half for the first time this year.

The team has improved on its execution as the year has progressed. Garvin pointed to team captain Kenny Seals as an excellent team leader in both his athletic skills and the way he acts as a role model for the others.

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