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Youth in Carbon County design community playground

On the morning of Feb. 17, grade school children met at CEU with ideas of what their perfect playground was.

Ideas ranged from slides down the back of a stegosaurus to rocket ships and climbing walls. As they drew their ideas, Barry Segal, a professional designer looked at what they drew and asked questions.

Segal had spent less than 24 hours in Price, but through the day's activities, he learned what kids in Carbon County want in a playground.

After spending time looking at the proposed site at Terrace Hills Park in Price, Segal spent the afternoon designing a playground that incorporated children's ideas.

"I wanted to meet with kids in Price about their playground," said Segal.

The end result is a playground that will be accessible to people with disabilities and features separate areas where toddlers can play away from older kids.

The fenced playground will be bordered with swings - as many as possible, according to Segal.

Incorporating local influences, the entrance of the playground will be a mine shaft, slides and other play equipment will be in the forms of prehistoric animals and a fossil dig.

More traditional playground ideas will be shown through tire swings and cable walks. From a rocket ship, kids will be able to speak through a communication system with a castle and a tree house.

The half-acre facility will be able to safely support the activities of up to 200 children at once.

People with disabilities will find that the playground has them in mind. The fossil dig will feature a raised area where those who use wheelchairs and other areas will feature activities specifically designed for them.

Segal said the playground will be built with enough wood to frame four or five houses and will be constructed - with community involvement - in four or five days.

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