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Off the Bench

Each week during the basketball season the Sun Advocate highlights players from the Carbon High girls and boys basketball teams.

Brandon Wilson is a shooting guard in his junior year at Carbon High. He is the quarterback on the football squad as well.

When Brandon is not practicing or playing sports, he enjoys both hunting and fishing to relax. Brandon admires his dad as a role model.

His favorite subject in school is history. Brandon is the youngest of five. He has two older brothers and two older sisters to lead the way.

Elisebeth Smith is the only junior on the basketball squad. She is on the soccer team at the midfield position. She runs as a miler on the track team.

Elisebeth loves to unwind by playing the piano. Math is one of her favorite classes. She is surrounded by 10 brothers and sister. With all that family it is easy to see why they are her role models. She does expect to attend college after graduation, but is keeping her options open.

Brett Johnson is a junior this year. He is a guard on the basketball team. He also plays golf and tennis.

If he has to name a favorite class, he thinks it may be computers.

He is in the middle of four sisters.He looks up to his dad.

Eventually he wants to play golf at the college level, but has not given much thought to where that will be.

A senior, Tabby Cummins plays the point and guard positions on the Carbon squad. She also is a defender on the soccer team as well as an allover player. Sports are her focus, but when not playing something she works on the farm with the horses. Lunch is her favorite time at school.

She admires Morgan Warburton as a role model. Tabby has a twin brother and an older brother to share time with. Her plans after graduation include attending CEU.

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