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Letter to the Editor: Kids bad judgment shouldn't haunt them



Is our system putting our kids away because it is justified or because it is easier to shove them aside? I have seen many cases in our town where our children are being extremely punished for things that are not fitting the crime or situation.

The school district has power but are they using their power to better our children? In many cases the answer would be no. Keeping our children from attending public schools because of a crime that took place on school property does not mean they should be kept out of all public schools. We are so for education, but how can our children get an education if the school district bans our children from attending public schools because the child made a bad judgment?

There is something wrong with our system but I feel I am only one voice and do not have the power to challenge the situation. What are we to do? Just sit back while our children's lives are changes forever, while their education is taken away or hindered in a negative way. Is taking our children's education away a valid solution? I think not.

Education is important for our young children but if it is taken from them how do we expect them to succeed in the future? I do not have all the answers but I do know, punishing our children by keeping them out of public schools is a far worse crime than what our children commit.

So what is the real criminal act here? You tell me.

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