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Letter to the Editor: Above the law



In the opinion column written by Robyn Blumner and published in the Salt Lake Tribune on Jan. 23 she stated, "It wasn't well known until recently that President Bush has been issuing his own interpretation of the bills he signs. Rather than veto the bills, which is his right, Bush has simply usurped Congress' authority and declared that the Executive Branch will ignore parts of the new laws - about 500 parts so far."

If you didn't understand that, read it again and again until you do. What he is saying is that everyone in this country is expected, even bound, to obey the laws of the land except him.

I realize that I live in the reddest state of the country, and that Bush's approval rating is still higher here - Utah - than anywhere else, therefore most people will not agree with me. They will call me a Democrat, or worse.

I am actually something we all should be, a civil libertarian.

This administration keeps encroaching on our rights in the name of the "war on terrorism". People say that this "war on terrorism" is working because we have not been attacked since 9-11. I believe that when the terrorists feel that the time is right, they could easily launch another attack on our soil at will because the government has misdirected resources and manpower to issues other than actually stopping the terrorists, the war in Iraq, etc.

If we allow King George Bush to continue to usurp Congress' authority and write his own law and ignore the laws already in place, we deserve no better than what we will get.

As a great American said over two hundred years ago: "Those who are willing to give up liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security".

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