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Letter to the Editor: Statues value is questionable



I am sure you have noticed the fine example of craftsmanship that stands in the middle of the road on 100 West and Main.

The hunched-over flute player has left many of our area residents wondering why he has danced his way into Carbon County. This Indian statue is known as Kokopelli, the Anasazi god of fertility. Which is great because we all know we need fertility in Carbon County.

Something that adds to this great statue is its awesome location. I know if I had a great Indian statue I would want to put it exactly in the middle of a busy four way intersection, where everyone can see it. Just up the street is a private club and across from that is the state liquor store. This is a definite plus because all the drunks or soon to be drunk drivers can closely admire the expertise of this wonderful sculpture.

Plus, to make the intersection a four way stop is even better, because I know that people in Carbon County are great drivers who know how to work a four way stop. That is especially true when the lights are flashing red on all sides, with the permanent stop signs as an added bonus.

I understand the Kokopelli statue cost Carbon County a lot of money, I know that if I received lots of money in peoples tax dollars the first thing I would want to do is build a giant statue of a fertility god. Instead of bettering the community with new stop lights, sidewalks, or filling the stupid potholes that always ruin the alignment on my truck.

No way. I am all for the sculpture.

I think we should all give our Price City council members a pat on the back for a job well done, We really do not need our tax dollars going to promote after-school activities and recreational venues for Carbon County youth, or fixing our streets and sidewalks for all local citizens.

We will forever enjoy the Kokepelli statue in the middle of this very busy intersection.

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