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Wellington considers city property request

Sun Advocate reporter

The Wellington City Council met Feb. 8 in regular session.

The first item of business was a proposal by contractor Larry Young to purchase a 15-acre parcel of land from the city near the industrial park.

Young approached the council with a written proposal and maps.

After discussing the matter, the consensus was that the council needed more information about the availability of city utilities such as water, sewer and power before a decision could be made.

The council approved the sale in principle, depending on resolution of the questions about infrastructure.

The item was placed on the next meeting agenda when Young will return with detailed information.

The next agenda item was a review of the Wellington city service agreement with the Price River Water Improvement District.

Mayor Karl Houskeeper gave the council a quick rundown on the happenings at the recent PRWID meeting.

The mayor told the council that PRWID had failed to resolve the water loss rate issue that has been a major concern for Wellington city.

Councilmember Glen Wells made a motion that the officials table the item pending the outcome of PRWID's decision. The motion was approved.

John Anselmo then appeared before the council representing the Wellington Little League and a group of parents and concerned citizens who attended the meeting.

Anselmo told the council that Wellington is scheduled to host the regional all-star Little League tournament in July and the ballpark is in need of serious repairs.

He passed around photos of the ballpark and pointed out several areas where the grounds and buildings need attention.

Anselmo indicated that the infield needs new sand, the third base fence needs a new top rail, broken masonry in the dugouts needs replacing or the dugouts need to be completely rebuilt.

He said the score shack should be moved to a better location and the teams need a storage building to secure equipment and grounds maintenance tools. The entire park needs paint and cosmetic attention.

Anselmo asked the council for money and direction.

After some discussion, the council suggested that, since the city was operating on a tight budget, the Little League should try to secure some financial help from Carbon County, the special service district or private donations from businesses, organizations and individuals in the area.

The councilmembers pledged to do what they can to help, but they were unable to commit any city funds to the project at the present time.

In another item of business, the council discussed the need to set fees as well as rules and regulations for renting facilities at the city park.

Councilmember Paula Noyes took the lead in the discussion and agreed to work up a resolution with city staff to set fees and guidelines. The issue will be addressed at the next city council meeting.

The council also discussed upcoming city beautification projects and the need for fencing on the south side of the highway near the railroad tracks. Again, Noyes agreed to draw up a firm proposal with lists of materials needed and estimated costs. She will present a draft proposal at a future meeting.

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