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Kollar awarded Bronze Medal

Staff Sergeant Richard T. Kollar has served with great distinction as a senior medic and shift leader in Charlie Company. Logistics Task Force-173 during Operation Enduring Freedom -Afghanistan from March 2005 until the present.

As a senior medic and shift leader, SSG Kollar was responsible for leading, training, and mentoring medical teams which provided Level II Combat Health Support services to 10,000 coalition and civilian personnel.

Immediately upon arrival in the theater, SSG Kollar used the experience he gained during his deployment to Iraq to improve the existing Kandahar Airfield (KAF) mass casualty plan and implement a new Mass Casualty Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Only three weeks after the transfer of authority, this SOP was put to the test as Charlie Company responded to a mass casualty event involving 12 U. S. soldiers. Due to SSG Kollar's attention to detail, initiative, and leadership abilities. Charlie Company saved the lives of all twelve soldiers.

In addition to revamping the KAF Mass Casualty SOP, SSG Kollar also developed Mass Casualty Kits designed to be used by KAF/CTF Bayonet's Quick Reaction Force (QRF) in the event of a mass casualty event during the parliamentary elections. Anticipating a variety of "worst case" scenarios, he devised plans of action for the QRF medical personnel in order to assist them in the effective employment of the kits. During this same time period, by planning and executing a Combat Lifesaver recertification class. SSG Kollar also prepared 14 transportation soldiers for combat casually care that may be required during their frequent convoy re-supply missions.

As a shift leader in the KAF Hospital, SSG Kollar was responsible for managing a multidimensional Level II Combat Health Support facility which included emergency room operations, evacuation missions, and patient hold requirements. His persistent efforts and unparalleled ability ensured that quality health care was provided to all personnel seen at the hospital.

Staff Sergeant Kollar also demonstrated his exception tactical and medical skills by serving as the senior medic during six KAF/CTF Bayonet QRF missions. Additionally, he demonstrated these skills by providing medical coverage for TF Gun Devil during one of their offensive operations in Southern Afghanistan. During this operation, he dutifully provided medical treatment without regard to his own life or safety while under enemy fire; saving the life of one Afghan National Army soldier and rendering aid to two others.

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