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Carbon girls outlast North Sanpete in last home game

Sun Advocate sports reporter

Kim Bunnell (40) plays defense on a Lady Hawk during Tuesday nights game.

The winner of Region 8 had long ago been decided as Emery has dominated the region in girls basketball this year.

But the number two spot has been Carbon's to win or lose.

"It's gut check time" Carbon coach Bruce Bean told his team. "Our fate is in our hands."

Well the girls took his advice and came away on Tuesday night with a 51-47 victory, but it wasn't without its problems getting there. The team had lost two in a row and a victory over North Sanpete was a must.

Thursday's contest, the last regular season home game in the Dinogym, was preceded by ceremonies honoring the senior cheeleaders and their parents.Then the departing senior basketball players and their mothers were honored.

The seniors spoke of their admiration for their coaches and support of their families in an emotional speech before the game.

Then the game began and it seemed like the pressure was a little too much for the Lady Dinos. Sanpete swarmed all over the Dinos, forcing turnover after turnover in the first quarter.

By the end of the first period the Dinos were down by a staggering eight points.

Carbon began to slowly turn the tables on the Lady Hawks as they stepped up their defense in the second quarter. Carbon began to force turnovers but continued to give the ball away themselves.

By the half, the Dinos had only managed to cut the deficit down by two. It looked like it would be a long night for the Carbon girls.

However the squad stepped up its defense as it came out of the break. Holding the Hawks to eight points, the team began to find its shooting touch and put 13 on the board.

The eight point hole was now only at one point as the Dinos made the final push to victory.

The team's offense came alive for the first time in three games. While they continued to play good defense, the Dinos added 18 points to seal the win and second place.

Now, even if Juan Diego wins their game Thursday against North Sanpete and Carbon loses to Emery, Carbon has the better over-all record at 12-9 and will have the edge over Juan Diego at 10-10.

Carbon is in a good position going into the game with Emery because they have nothing to lose. But they do have a lot to gain by beating their southern rival. To go into Spartan territory and steal a win from the enemy is a daunting task, however if the team is hitting on all cylinders they could pull off the upset of the season.

Tip off is Thursday night at 7 p.m. at the Spartan Center in Castle Dale.

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