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Design day for community playground nears as planning continues

Sun Advocate reporter

Jeanne McEvoy, Susan Polster and Amie Jespersen meet with other members of the steering committee to get the playground on track.

Imagine, Build, Play.

The local citizen group to form a steering committee to build super playground in the community continues to combine their efforts to move closer to their goal to start construction by September. The group met again on Jan. 26 to finalize plans for Design Day.

Design Day will be held on Feb. 17 at the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center at the College of Eastern Utah. This will be the day where the imagination of the community takes shape.

A design specialist will be flown in from Leather's and Associates to meet with the community to find out what is needed and wanted in the playground. All children and there parents in the community are invited to come to CEU at 10 a.m. to be part of the design process.

Approximately 75 children from all around the community will be chosen to be part of the children's committee to assist with the entire project. Those children will be chosen by lottery from each school. The schools will send home permission forms for parents to sign so their child may participate in the lottery to be part of the children's committee.

Kristen Lowe is heading up the children's committee and is currently working with the schools to enlist their help in recruiting students to be part of the project.

The group is also continuing to raise funds for the playground. This is a playground for the entire community and is not being funded by Price City, Carbon County or any other municipal funding source. However, Price City and Carbon County are actively participating in the effort and assisting with in-kind and staff support.

Mae Aquayo is spear-heading the special needs component of the project and has connected with the Utah Assistive Technology Center from Utah State University to get their input.

The steering committee is committed to make sure this half acre playground is accessible for all children in the community.

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